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Table 1 The number of significantly differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in NE-strain CP1 under different growth conditions

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis by RNAseq of necrotic enteritis Clostridium perfringens during in vivo colonization and in vitro conditions

Growth Conditions1   edgeR2 number of genes UpRegulated3 DownRegulated3
in vivo IV x RM 673 387 286
IV x PM 382 148 234
IV x OS 521 376 145
in vitro PM x RM 600 441 159
OS x RM 196 44 152
  1. 1 RM: rich medium, PM: poor medium, OS: osmotic shock
  2. 2egdeR: logFC: ≥2-fold differences in the transcript abundance plus ≤1 % false discovery rate (FDR)
  3. 3Number of genes up- or downregulated