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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: ClpP-deletion impairs the virulence of Legionella pneumophila and the optimal translocation of effector proteins

Plasmids Characteristics Reference
pBRDX Suicide delivery vector, rdxA sacB Cm [54]
pBRΔclpP pBRDX::clpP for clpP deletion This study
pJB908 Insert thy gene, mutate mob into pkB5 [4]
pBC(gfp)Pmip ColE1 ori Cm Pmip gfpmut2 [59]
pZL01 Insert SacI/PstI fragment encoding GFP, Pmip into pJB908 This study
pXL901 Complementation plasmid, derived from pZL01, with gfpmut2 changed for clpP This study
pTLpflaG Insert BamHI/SphI fragment encoding GFP, flaA promoter into pTLP6 [57]
pGB908 Insert XbaI/SphI fragment of gfpmut3 into pJB908 This study
pGB908X* Insert 9 icm promoters of operon areas into pGB908 This study
pCyaSidJ Insert EcoRI/SalI fragment of CyaA catalytic domain and SidJ into pKB5 [34, 50]
  1. The X* represents the numbers of the plasmids or bacterial strains containing the icm promoter-gfp fusions: 1. icmTS, 2. icmR, 3. icmQ, 4. icmPO, 5. icmMLKEGCD, 6. icmJB, 7. icmHF, 8. icmWX, 9. icmV