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Table 2 Evaluation of E. coli expression vectors

From: Recombinant expression of Chlamydia trachomatis major outer membrane protein in E. Coli outer membrane as a substrate for vaccine research

Vector Promoter/Strength Inducer Origin of Replication Copy Number rCtE-MOMP Surface Expression (GFIa)
bpAVE029 λPL/Moderate IPTG pAT153(colE1) Low Good (~300)
pACYDuet-1 T7/Titratable Arabinose + IPTG p15A Low Intermediate (~120)
pET (pETBlue-1 and pET22b) T7/Strong IPTG pUC High Low (~30 or lower)
pWSK29 T7/T3/Strong IPTG pSC101 Low None (intracellular)
pJ831(pUC) T7/Titratable Rhamnose pMB1 High None (intracellular)
pJ841(pBR) T7/Titratable Rhamnose pMB1 Medium None (intracellular)
pJ851(pACYC) T7/Titratable Rhamnose p15A Low None (intracellular)
  1. aGFI: geomean fluorescence intensity from whole cell flow cytometry antibody binding assay
  2. bpAVE029 is an E. coli RNA polymerase dependent expression vector. Others listed are bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase dependent expression vectors