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Table 2 Primary Sinorhizobium meliloti strains used in this study

From: Loss of malic enzymes leads to metabolic imbalance and altered levels of trehalose and putrescine in the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti

Strain Relevant characteristics Source
Rm1021 S. meliloti SU47, str-21 [12]
RmG454 Rm1021 dme-2::Tn5 [12]
RmG455 Rm1021 dme-3::Tn5 [12]
RmG456 Rm1021 dme-1::Tn5 [12]
RmG927 Rm1021 tme-1::Tn5 [10]
RmG994 Rm1021 dme-3::Tn5 tme-4::ΩSpr/Smr [10]
RmG995 Rm1021 tme-4::ΩSpr/Smr [10]
RmH215 Rm1021 tme-2::Tn5 [10]
RmP110 Rm1021 with changed wild-type pstC [22]
RmP2179 RmP110 tme-4::ΩSpr/Smr This study
RmP2189 RmP110 dme-8::ΩSpr/Smr This study