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Fig. 6

From: Site-specific bacterial chromosome engineering mediated by IntA integrase from Rhizobium etli

Fig. 6

Integrants on the LP sector may acquire additional sequences. a Structure of integrants carrying pK18 mob att Δplac in the LP sector. Note that integration generates a duplication of att sequences. b Mobilizable gentamicin resistant donor vector (pG18 mob att) containing an attA site, a plac promoter and a Multi Cloning site (MCS). c Predicted structure of integrants of pG18 mob att into the integrant shown in (a). Notice that integration of the donor vector into the rightmost att sequence places a plac promoter in proximity to the GFP gene. d Specific PCR assays demonstrating the occurrence of additional insertions within the LP sector. Control strain 557 (lanes 1 and 2); five strains with additional insertions, arranged in pairs (lanes 3 to 12). Lanes with odd numbers correspond to amplification with a set of primers revealing integration on the left att sequence (ChrleftD-G18lw) and even numbers correspond to amplification with primers complementary to the right side (ChrightD-G18up), of the LP sector. Note that most of the strains harbor additional insertions on the rightmost att site, while the strain depicted in lanes 3 and 4 carry insertions on both the left and the right att sites

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