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Fig. 4

From: Site-specific bacterial chromosome engineering mediated by IntA integrase from Rhizobium etli

Fig. 4

Analyses of selected cointegrates. All panels: lanes or blocks marked 1 correspond to a nonfluorescent kanamycin resistant cointegrate, while lanes or blocks 2 and 3 correspond to different fluorescent kanamycin resistant cointegrates. a Plasmid profiles of selected strains, stained with ethidium bromide. Plasmid identification is depicted at the left of the panel. b Southern blots of the corresponding plasmid profile, revealed by autoradiography, using 32P-labelled pK18mob as probe. Chr, chromosome. c PCR products of three different strains with a set of primers that distinguish among insertions for the LP sector in the chromosome (lanes c, primers ChrleftD and ChrightD), or pRetCFN42a (lanes a, primers LwattA1 and M13 reverse) and pRetCFN42d (lanes d, primers LwattD1 and M13 reverse)

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