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Fig. 2

From: Site-specific bacterial chromosome engineering mediated by IntA integrase from Rhizobium etli

Fig. 2

Characterization of the R. etli LP strain (557). a Visualization of selected strains under white light (top) and UV light (bottom). Strains, in a clockwise order were: E. coli harboring plasmid pRG11 (Landing Pad); R. etli wild type (CE3); R. etli 557 (LP strain). b PCR reactions verifying that integration occurred in the desired chromosomal site. Lanes 2 and 4 are PCR reactions with primers chr_left_out and Plac-out, while lanes 3 and 5 contain PCR reactions with primers CasNot-Ter-out and chr_right_out. The strains analyzed are indicated in the top of the panel. c Plasmid profile of the same strains analyzed in (a) and (b)

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