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Fig. 3

From: Epidemic Achromobacter xylosoxidans strain among Belgian cystic fibrosis patients and review of literature

Fig. 3

UPGMA constructed tree, based on MALDI-TOF main spectra (MSPs) of 59 isolates (with isolate CF GUH 86–1 tested in duplo). At the left: Clusters, Pairs (P) and Singletons (S). Tree lines indicated in bold refer to the clustering obtained by the BioNumerics® software on the basis of MSPs. Isolate designations: CF from cystic fibrosis patient, NCF from non-cystic fibrosis patient, AUH from patient from Antwerp University Hospital, GUH from patient from Ghent University Hospital, RHC from patient when staying at the Rehabilitation Centre at De Haan (period: 2001–2002), Coll from culture collection of Georges Wauters (Université Libre Bruxelles, Belgium), T type strain; −# numbering of different isolates from the same patient. Y*: Isolate from CF patient during his/her stay at the RHC, during the period 2001–2002. Affixes ‘S’ and ‘V’ indicate the clusters to which they had been assigned [14]. Y**: Recent isolate from a CF patient of which isolates were also collected during a previous stay (period 2001–2002) at the RHC [14], and for whom the isolates were shown to belong to cluster V. At the right: Connector lines indicate some examples whereby multiple isolates of the same patient are clustered differently according to whether the interpretation is done by human observers or by the BioNumerics® software, i.e. patients CF AUH 2, CF GUH 4 and CF GUH 108

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