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Table 1 Details of Toxoplasma gondii isolates used in this research

From: MIC16 gene represents a potential novel genetic marker for population genetic studies of Toxoplasma gondii

No. Isolate Host Geographical location Genotypea
1 RH Human France Reference, Type I, ToxoDB #10
2 TgPLH Pig Henan, China Type I, ToxoDB #10
3 GT1 Goat United States Reference, Type I, ToxoDB#10
4 MAS Human France Reference, ToxoDB#17
5 TgCatBr5 Cat Brazil Reference, ToxoDB#19
6 PRU Human France Type II, ToxoDB #1
7 QHO Sheep Qinghai, China Type II, ToxoDB #1
8 PTG Sheep United States Reference, Type II, ToxoDB#1
9 PYS Pig Panyu, China ToxoDB #9
10 GJS Pig Jingyuan, Gansu, China ToxoDB #9
11 CTG Cat United States Reference, Type III, ToxoDB#2
12 TgToucan Toucan Costa Rica Reference, ToxoDB#52
  1. abased on the results of Zhou et al. [17, 19] and Su et al. [18]