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Fig. 4

From: ProCarDB: a database of bacterial carotenoids

Fig. 4

Distribution of carotenoids and their biosynthetic pathways described in this database (a) Distribution of carotenoid biosynthesis pathways across microorganisms based on our prediction, experimental characterization and prediction in the literature. A total of 594 organisms are characterized to have carotenoids. We have predicted pathways in 92 % of the total organism, whereas validated pathway have been illustrated in only 5 % organisms and predicted in another 3 % of total organisms. b Carotenoids distribution in prokaryotes. Thirty-four percent of total organisms in this database are pigmented and thus have potential for possessing carotenoids. In another 16 % of the organisms of the database, whole genome sequencing has revealed presence of genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis, while the rest of the 50 % organisms are those in which carotenoids are characterized

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