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Fig. 7

From: Biochemical and spectroscopic characterization of purified Latex Clearing Protein (Lcp) from newly isolated rubber degrading Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain RPK1 reveals novel properties of Lcp

Fig. 7

Inhibition of LcpRr by potential inhibitors. Activity was determined using the HPLC-based detection of polyisoprene cleavage products after 2 h of incubation of polyisoprene latex with Lcp at room temperature and subsequent solvent extraction of the products. The final concentration of inhibitors was 1 mM. The 100 % value corresponded to the area of the C35 (23 min) product peak (see Fig. 3b). Sensitivity to carbon monoxide was tested by replacing 0.5 volumes of (oxygenated) assay buffer by a deoxygenated and CO-saturated assay buffer. Cleavage products were solvent-extracted after 2 h of incubation time. At least two repetitions with two technical replicates were performed for each inhibitor. Error bars indicate the upper and lower values of one experiment

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