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Table 1 Transcriptional regulators differentially expressed in the Glc/Agar comparison

From: Transcriptomic analysis of a classical model of carbon catabolite regulation in Streptomyces coelicolor

Transcriptional factors down-regulated in Glc/Agar Transcriptional factors up-regulated in Glc/Agar
Gene Family or putative function Gene Family or putative function
SCO1541 Regulator SCO0140 MerR family transcriptional regulator
SCO1699 Transcriptional regulator SCO2489 TetR family transcriptional regulator
SCO2209 Transcriptional regulator SCO2935 Transcriptional regulator
SCO3134 Two-component system response regulator SCO3361 Transcriptional regulator AsnC
SCO3933 Regulatory protein SCO3423 Regulator
SCO3986 GntR family transcriptional regulator SCO3810 GntR family transcriptional regulator
SCO4122 MarR family transcriptional regulator SCO3943 Transcriptional regulator
SCO4412 Regulatory protein SCO4020 Two component system response regulator
SCO4677 Regulatory protein SCO4158 LacI-family regulatory protein
SCO4920 DeoR family transcriptional regulator SCO4640 TetR family transcriptional regulator
SCO5785 Two-component system response regulator SCO4850 TetR family transcriptional regulator
SCO5811 Transcriptional regulator SCO5413 MarR-transcriptional regulator
SCO5819 Sporulation transcription factor SCO5552 Regulator
SCO6162 Two-component system response regulator SCO5982 Regulator
SCO6992 Regulatory protein SCO7424 MarR family transcriptional regulator
SCO7727 MarR family regulatory protein SCO1658 Glycerol operon regulatory protein GylR
SCO2954 RNA polymerase sigma factor SigU (σU) SCO2950 Nucleoid associated protein hupA
SCO2953 Anti-sigma factor RsuA SCO4159 Regulatory protein GlnR
SCO5819 Sporulation transcription factor WhiH SCO4762 Chaperone GroLE1
SCO3323 RNA polymerase sigma factor BldN SCO6008 Regulatory protein Rok7B7