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Table 4 Bacterial and yeast strains, and plasmids used in this study

From: DNA repair genes RAD52 and SRS2, a cell wall synthesis regulator gene SMI1, and the membrane sterol synthesis scaffold gene ERG28 are important in efficient Agrobacterium-mediated yeast transformation with chromosomal T-DNA

Strain or plasmid Relevant genotype and/or characteristics Reference or source
Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains  
 C58C1 Ti plasmid-less C58rif; Rifr Our collection
 EHA105 C58 containing pTiEHA105 (T-DNA deletion) [50]
Escherichia coli strain  
 HB101 F -, recA13, proA2 [51]
 SURE F′[lacIq lacZΔM15] lac recB recJ sbcC umuC::Tn5(KanR) uvrC Stratagene
Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains  
 BY4742 MATα his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 ura3Δ0 [52]
 Mutants derived from BY4742 The yeast genome deletion project
 BY4742floxU BY4742 with loxP::URA3::loxP inserted in pda1 This study
 BY4742 mutants with loxP::URA3::loxP This study
 pBIN19 Binary vector with an artifical T-DNA (LB, P nos :nptII, lacZ’ with MCS, RB) and nptIII; Kmr [44]
 pYAC4 Yeast artificial chromosome; HIS3, (Tel, TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3, Tel); Ampr (Carr) [45]
 pYAC4-B BamHI-digested and ligated pYAC4; (Tel, TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3, Tel); Ampr (Carr) This study
 pYAC4-X XhoI-digested and ligated pYAC4; (TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3); Ampr (Carr) This study
 pBY1 pBIN19 containing (Tel, TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3, Tel) at MCS in T-DNA; Kmr and Ampr (Carr) [16]
 pBIN19Δ pBIN19 having nothing but 33 nucleotides including BamHI cutting site between LB and RB A PCR product. This study
 pBINU1 pBIN19Δ harboring URA3 at BamHI site in T-DNA; Kmr This study
 pBINU2 pBINU1 lacking the 52-bp homology segment This study
 pBYM3 pBIN19Δ harboring (TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3) at BamHI site in T-DNA; Kmr and Ampr (Carr) This study
 pBYM4 pBIN19Δ harboring (Tel, TRP1, ARS1, CEN4, URA3, Tel) at BamHI site in T-DNA; Kmr and Ampr (Carr) This study
 pSDM3013 pBIN19 with pda1::loxP::URA3::loxP::pda1at MCS in T-DNA; Kmr [2]
 pRi1724-S3CE2 pRi1724-S3 containing P virE ::virE1::cre::virE2 fusion in place of a region starting from riorf135 to riorf144; Gmr [16]
 pRS313 HIS3, ARSH4/CEN6 and Amp r (Car r) [53]
 pSRS2 SRS2 in pRS313 This study
 pRAD52 RAD52 in pRS313 This study
 pSMI1 SMI1 in pRS313 This study
 pERG28 ERG28 in pRS313 This study
 pRH210 oriV, oriT incP, mob incP, tra incP and Amp r [54]
 pAY205 ARS1, TRP1, URA3, oriV incQ, oriT incQ, mob incQ and Km r [54]