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Fig. 2

From: Purification and genetic characterization of gassericin E, a novel co-culture inducible bacteriocin from Lactobacillus gasseri EV1461 isolated from the vagina of a healthy woman

Fig. 2

Alignment of the amino acid sequences of double-glycine leader peptides and mature peptides of Gassericin E and other similar gassericin bacteriocins. The sequences were aligned with the ClustalW2 software at the EMBL-Ebi online server. The arrow indicates the Gly-Gly cleavage site of the peptide. Asterisks, dots and double dots mean fully, strongly and weakly conserved residues, respectively. The first 18 aa obtained by Edman sequencing of the peptide GasE are underlined. The two deduced amino acid sequences deposited in databases from L. gasseri K7 (A, B) differed in one amino acid at position 11 of mature peptide (VxA). Theoretical molecular weights (MWt) of the mature bacteriocins are shown. The Genebank accession numbers are BAA82353 for Gassericin T, AAP56345 for Acidocin 221B, EFJ70596 for Lactacin-F subunit LafA, AAP73781 and KDA99085for Gassericin K7 B complemental factor (A) and (B), respectively

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