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Fig. 4

From: Salmonella Typhimurium undergoes distinct genetic adaption during chronic infections of mice

Fig. 4

The kdgR-SNP mutant exhibits rapid intestinal colonization in re-infection experiment. a CFU of S. Typhimurium bacteria isolated from the fecal samples of individual five mice following infection (I.P) with an equal mixture of kdgR-wt-WITS1 and kdgR-SNP-WITS7 bacteria. Mouse 1 was euthanized after 2 weeks. b Relative recovery of the kdgR-SNP allele after re-infection (I.P.) of five mice with the kdgR-wt-WITS1 and the kdgR-SNP-WITS3. Bars depict the relative recovery of the kdgR-SNP clone in the spleen and liver after 4 weeks of infection. Error bars depict standard deviation

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