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Fig. 2

From: Salmonella Typhimurium undergoes distinct genetic adaption during chronic infections of mice

Fig. 2

Prevalence of the ptsN-SNP mutation. a Analysis of the ptsN locus of all WITS3 clones isolated from mouse 5E. Bars depict the relative abundance of the WITS3 (dark green and light green) in comparison with all other WITS (blue), and the relative occurrence of the ptsN-SNP allele (dark green) versus the ptsN-wt (light green) allele within the WITS3 population of the indicated samples. b Relative recovery of the ptsN-SNP allele after re-infection (I.P.) of ten mice with the ptsN-wt-WITS1, ptsN-SNP-WITS3 and an isogenic ΔptsN mutant strain. Bars depict the relative recovery of the ptsN-SNP clone in the spleen and liver after 5 weeks of infection. Error bars depict standard deviation. Recovery of the ptsN-SNP from the liver sample is significantly lower (p = 0.0002) than from the spleen sample as determined by a two-sample t-test with unequal variances

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