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Table 2 List of strains used in this study

From: Cas3 is a limiting factor for CRISPR-Cas immunity in Escherichia coli cells lacking H-NS

Bacterial strain Relevant genotype Source or reference
EB304 MG1655, Δcas3::apra [44]
BSN22 W3110, Δhns::cat [46]
BW25113 F rrnB ΔlacZ4748 (::rrnB-3) hsdR514 Δ (araBAD) 567 Δ (rhaBAD) 568 rph-1 λ [47]
Bacterial strains related to BW25113
BW39121 + Δhns::kan [38]
JW0462 + ΔhtpG::kan [41]
BW40114 +F’ (proAB + lacI qZΔM15::Tn10) lacUV5-cas3 cat::araBp8-casA [27]
BW39651 + λT3 spacer [38]
BW39671 + λT3 Δhns::kan [38]
BW39183 + Δcas1::kan [38]
IIB848 + λT3 Δcas3::apra recombineering using pKD46
IIB870 + λT3 Δcas3::apra P1. IIB848 × BW39651
IIB965 + λT3 Δcas1::kan P1. BW39183 × BW39651
IIB966 + λT3 Δcas1::kan Δhns::cat P1. BSN22 × IIB965
IIB969 + λT3 lacUV5-cas3 cat::araBp8-casA P1. BW40114 × BW39651
IIB969e + λc + λT3 lacUV5-cas3 cat::araBp8-casA Selection of λr colony with phage acquired spacer
IIB1039 + λc + λT3 Δcas1::kan P1. BW39183 × IIB969e (selection Kmr Chls and PCR of the CRISPR-1 region)
IIB1040 + λc + λT3 Δcas1::kan Δhns::cat P1. BSN22 × IIB1039
IIB1043 +λc + λT3 Δcas1::kan S Removal of kan cassette by pCP20 plasmid
IIB1063 +λc + λT3 lacUV5-cas3 cat::araBp8-casA ΔhtpG::kan  
IIB1065 +λc + λT3 Δcas1::kan SΔhtpG::kan P1. JW0462 × IIB1043
IIB1066 +λc + λT3 Δcas1::kan SΔhtpG::kan Δhns::cat P1. BSN22 × IIB1065