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Table 3 List of genes silenced by in planta RNAi method in pant parasitic nematodes

From: Identification and functional analysis of secreted effectors from phytoparasitic nematodes

Gene name/genbank accession no. Putative functions of target genes Nematode species Observed Phenotype References
In planta RNAi
AW871671 Integrase M. incognita >90 % reduction in established nematodes [96]
AW828516 Splicing factor M. incognita >90 % reduction in established nematodes [96]
16D10 (DQ841121-DQ841123) Secreted peptide M. arenaria, 63 %-90 % reduction no. of galls and gall size [89]
M. incognita,   [115]
M. javanica, M. hapla,   
M. arenaria   
MSP Major sperm protein H. glycines Up to 68 % reduction in nematode eggs [95]
MjTIS-11 Putative transcription factor M. javanica   [97]
Hg-rps-3a, CB379877 Ribosomal protein 3a H. glycines 87 % reduction in female cysts [98]
Hg-rps-4, CB278739 Ribosomal protein 4 H. glycines 81 % reduction in female cysts [98]
Hg-spk-1, BI451523.1 Spliceosomal SR protein H. glycines 88 % reduction in female cysts [98]
Hg-snb-1, BF014436 Synaptobrevin H. glycines 93 % reduction in female cysts [98]
4G06, AF469060 Ubiquitin-like H. schachtii 23 %-64 % reduction in developing females [94]
3B05, AF469058 Cellulose binding protein H. schachtii 12 %-47 % reduction in developing females [94]
8H07, AF500024 SKP1-like H. schachtii >50 % reduction in developing females [94]
10A06, AF502391 Zinc finger protein H. schachtii 42 % reduction in developing females [94]
Y25, CB824330 Beta subunit of the COPI complex H. glycines 81 % reduction in nematode eggs [99, 116]
Prp-17, AF113915 Pre-mRNA splicing factor H. glycines 79 % reduction in nematode eggs [99]
Mispc3, Miduox   M. incognita Reduction of nematode number root, retarded female development [117]
Cpn-1 , GU074018 Unknown protein H. glycines 95 % reduction in nematode eggs [99]
Tyrosine Phosphatase, Mitochondrial stress-70 protein precursors, Lactate dehydrogenase   M. incognita Reduced no. of established females [100]
Mi-Rpn7   M. incognita Reduction in reproduction and motility [118]
Parasitism gene 8D05   M. incognita Reduction in gall number [110]
Calreticulin-Mi-CRTN   M. incognita Reduction in gall number [119]
Fatty acid and retinol binding protein (Mj-far-1 )   M. javanica Ceased development of nematodes along with reduction in giant cell number [102]
FMRFamide-likepeptides (flp-14,flp-18)   M. incognita Reduction in gall number, fecundity, female development and increased root growth of transgenics [101]
Pv010   P. vulnus Reduced nematode multiplication with no visible lesions [120]
Effector gene, Mc16D10L   M. chitwoodi Reduction in fecundity and pathogenicty [90]
Effector gene, Gp-hyp   G. pallida Reduction in nematode parasitism [121]