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Table 5 Spoligotypes identified in this study (2013–2014 sample) and in neighboring areas, %

From: Trends in molecular epidemiology of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation

  1. aFamily assigned by SITVIT_WEB and corrected by use of other markers. SIT20 is RD-Rio, other LAM SIT are LAM-RUS
  2. Previously published collections represent: Finland (Finnish-born [17]), Estonia (old sample - 2000 and earlier [23]), Latvia (old sample and mainly drug resistant [27]), Sweden (patients born before 1945 [21]), Pskov, Russia [18], Murmansk, Russia [24], Tula, Russia (prison setting [22]), Moscow, Russia (mainly MDR [19]), Archangel, Russia (prison setting [26])