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Fig. 7

From: SJP-L-5, a novel small-molecule compound, inhibits HIV-1 infection by blocking viral DNA nuclear entry

Fig. 7

Electron micrographs of SJP-L-5-treated 293 T cells. a Electron micrographs of the ultrastructure of SJP-L-5-treated cells that were infected with VSV-G pseudotyped HIV-1-GFP. a1, a2: blank control. b1, b2: no HIV-1 control (293 T cells were only treated with SJP-L-5). c1, c2: DMSO was used as a negative control (293 T cells were infected by HIV-1 in the absence of SJP-L-5). d1, d2: 293 T cells were infected by HIV-1 in the presence of SJP-L-5 (20 μg/ml). N: nucleus. Arrows indicate HIV-1 particles. Scale bars: 500 nm. b Quantification of total HIV-1 particles in 20 fields in the DMSO and SJP-L-5 groups. Error bars indicate standard deviations of triplicate values. Statistical significance was analyzed by the Student’s t test. ** P < 0.01 versus the negative control

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