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Table 1 Description of cheeses

From: High-throughput DNA sequencing to survey bacterial histidine and tyrosine decarboxylases in raw milk cheeses

Cheese Milk Type and Source Age Type Region Rind Total BA by HPLC (mg/kg) Hdc gene presence by PCR Tdc gene presence by PCR
Irish Artisanal Cheese A Raw, Cow 12 – 18 months Hard Ireland Waxed 290.3 N Y
Reblochon Raw, Cow 4 - 12 weeks Semi-hard France Washed, smear ripened 104.1 Y Y
Irish Artisanal Cheese B Raw, Cow 12 - 18 months Hard Ireland Cloth bound natural 456.6 Y Y
Manchego Raw, Sheep 6 -12 months Semi-hard Spain Waxed 21.9 N N
Morbier Raw, Cow 2 – 3 months Semi-hard France Natural 736.5 Y N
Tête de Moine Raw, Cow 3 – 6 months Hard Switzerland Washed 131.9 Y Y
Pecorino Sardo Raw, Sheep 6 – 10 months Hard Italy Natural 134.2 Y Y
Ossau-Iraty Raw, Sheep 3 – 6 months Semi-hard France Natural 393.8 Y Y
Comté Raw, Cow 6 – 12 months Hard France Natural 13.8 N N
Gorgonzola Raw, Cow 3 – 4 months Semi-hard Italy Natural 34.2 N N
  1. Description of cheeses including age, origin and rind type. HPLC results as well as presence of the respective decarboxylases detected by PCR are also included