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Table 2 List of selected Metarhizium spp. isolates from Denmark characterized in the present study

From: Diversity within the entomopathogenic fungal species Metarhizium flavoviride associated with agricultural crops in Denmark

Species Isolate accession Isolate origin GenBank accession References
Metarhizium flavoviride KVL 14–112 Undeveloped pasture, T. molitor bait larva, Skibby KT335973 This study; [24]
M. majus KVL 14–21 Undeveloped pasture, SM, Skibby KT335974 This study
M. robertsii KVL 12–32 Organic field, T. molitor bait larva, Årslev KT335975 This study; [14]
M. brunneum KVL 14–08 Undeveloped pasture, SM, Skibby KT335976 This study
M. brunneum KVL 14–10 Undeveloped pasture, SM, Skibby KT335977 This study
M. brunneum KVL 14–40 Wheat, T. molitor bait larva, Skibby KT335978 This study
  1. Isolates were obtained by in vitro culturing on selective agar media (SM) or by bating soil samples with mealworm larvae (T. molitor)