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Table 2 Blast results of the sequenced products obtained from PCR amplification using gene-specific degenerated primers from biosynthetic genes of Mycosubtilin synthase, Fengycin synthetase and Surfactin synthase in B. amyloliquefaciens FLN13

From: Microbial inoculants for the biocontrol of Fusarium spp. in durum wheat

Accession Number (GenBank) Primer name Size (bp) GeneBank accession number Identity (%) E value UniProt Accession number
KP944004 Am1-F/Tm1-R 405 HG328254.1 99 % 0.0 BmyB protein, Mycosubtilin synthase subunit B (S6FI96)
KP944005 Af2-F/Tf1-R 441 HF563562.1 99 % 0.0 FenD protein, Fengycin synthetase (M1XBL6)
KP944006 As1-F/Ts2-R 420 CP003838.1 98 % 0.0 SrfAB protein, Surfactin synthase subunit 2 (L0BHY7)