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Table 2 List of 10 virulence genes screened in this study, categorized based on their functional characteristics and association with Escherichia coli pathotypes

From: Occurrence of virulence gene signatures associated with diarrhoeagenic and non-diarrhoeagenic pathovars of Escherichia coli isolates from some selected rivers in South-Western Nigeria

Pathotype Adhesion gene Toxin gene Invasion gene Function
EPEC eae    Intimin/Attaching and effacing
  bfp    Type IV bundle-forming pili
EAEC eagg    Transcriptional regulator for chromosomal gene/ Enteroaggregative adhesion
EIEC    ipaH Invasion plasmid antigen
ETEC   lt   Heat-labile toxin
DAEC daaE    
EHEC   stx1   Shiga-toxin 1
   stx2   Shiga-toxin 2
UPEC papC    P fimbriae chaperone
NMEC    ibeA Invasion of brain endothelium