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Table 1 Clinical information regarding the isolates studied

From: Characterising atypical Candida albicans clinical isolates from six third-level hospitals in Bogotá, Colombia

Isolate Patient gender Age (in years) Source AF treatment Clinical outcome Clinical setting Locality
CO_R6 F 55 Urine None Dead ICU Kennedy
CO_R41 M 1 month Blood Amphotericin B Alive ICU Usaquen
CO_R111 M 18 Urine Fluconazole Alive ICU Tunjuelito
CO_R282 F 70 Urine None Dead Room San Cristobal
CO_R425 M 70 Urine None Dead ICU Kennedy
CO_B41 M 44 BAL Fluconazole Alive Room Chapinero
CO_B44 F 26 Vaginal swab N.D N.D N.D. Chapinero
CO_B69 F 68 Faeces None Alive Room Chapinero
CO_B60 M 94 Urine None Alive Room Chapinero
CO_B77 M 18 BAL None Alive Room Chapinero
CO_B80 F 73 BAL Voriconazole, caspofungin, amphotericin B Dead Room Chapinero
  1. BAL bronchoalveolar lavage, N.D No data