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Fig. 2

From: Two nucleotide second messengers regulate the production of the Vibrio cholerae colonization factor GbpA

Fig. 2

Known c-di-GMP effectors FlrA, VpsT and VpsR do not regulate gbpA in response to c-di-GMP. a GbpA levels in the supernatants of wild type V. cholerae, ∆flrA,vpsT and ΔvpsR strains, each with wild type (vector) or reduced levels of c-di-GMP (pPDE), were measured by western blot. PDE gene expression was induced as described in the Methods. The image shown is a representative of three separate experiments. Densitometry analyses were done by comparing the intensities of the GbpA bands to the intensities of a cross-reactive band in the same lane (indicated by an asterisk), then normalizing the value to that of wild type V. cholerae with vector. The fold change relative to the wild type is indicated below each lane. b qRT-PCR was used to measure the gbpA transcript abundance in wild type, ∆flrA,vpsT and ΔvpsR strains of V. cholerae, each with wild type (vector, black bars) and reduced levels of c-di-GMP (pPDE, grey bars). The data were normalized relative to the wild-type containing vector only, using rpoB as the reference gene. Shown are the means and standard deviations from at least three independent samples. For the indicated comparisons, ***P < 0.001 by unpaired t-test

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