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Table 1 Viability of human oral rinse samples following ex-vivo exposure to test rinses

From: Antibacterial and anti-biofilm activity of mouthrinses containing cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium fluoride

Treatment Mean counts (Log10 cfu/ml; SDs are given in parenthesis) Log10 difference from control P value (vs control)
NTC 7.92 (0.25) 0.16 (vs CR) 0.34
−0.094 (vs CFR) 0.64
CR 8.08 (0.25) na na
TR 6.72 (0.63) 1.37 (vs CR) 0.02
CFR 7.64 (0.50) na na
TFR 6.36 (1.1) 1.27 (vs CFR) 0.04
  1. Oral rinse samples from five healthy volunteers were exposed to mouthrinse formulations (final concentration, 5 % v/v) containing CPC (TR) or CPC and fluoride (TFR). Control rinses without CPC (CR and CFR, respectively) and a treatment-free control (NTC) were also included. Mean viable count data are shown. Both test rinses caused significant reductions in viability compared to their respective controls in samples from five volunteers (*, p < 0.05, n = 5). na, not applicable