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Table 2 Major gene products shared among lambda-like phages induced from Mannheimia haemolytica

From: Comparative analysis of multiple inducible phages from Mannheimia haemolytica

No. (Gene name) Size (aa)/MW (kDa)/pI Function Motifsa Best homologs % identity (aa) to Aaphi23b Absent in phages
1 terS 174/19.1/5.4−5.6 Terminase, small subunit Terminase_2 (pfam03592) Bacteriophage terminase small subunit (M. haemolytica) 52−54  
2 terL 406−410/46.3−47.3/5.9−6.1 Terminase, large subunit Terminase_3 superfamily (cl12054) Phage terminase, large subunit, PBSX (M. haemolytica) 19−21  
3 porT 458−467/50.6−52.2/4.9−5.1 Portal protein phage_prot_Gp6 (pfam05133) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica) 20−25  
4 MHP 312−553/35.4−63.3/9.3−9.5 Head morphogenesis protein Phage_Mu_F superfamily (cl10072) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica) 12−23  
5 MTP 160/17.3/5.1 Major tail protein Phage_tail_2 (pfam06199) Phage major tail protein (M. haemolytica)   1152AP2
6 137/15.1/10.2 Hypothetical protein DUF4128 (pfam13554) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 587AP2
7 hicB 138/15.5/4.6 HicB UPF0150 (pfam03681) Toxin-antitoxin , antitoxin component, HicB (M. haemolytica)   1152AP2
8 hicA 58/6.6/10.1 HicA YcfA (pfam07927) Toxin-antitoxin, toxin component, HicA (M. haemolytica)   1152AP2
9 TMP 816−1008/88.1−108.8/5.2−6.2 Tail length tape measure protein Tape_meas_nterm superfamily (cl15680); TMD(1) Tail length tape measure-related protein (M. haemolytica) 17−19  
10 M 107−109/12.3−12.5/8.8−9 Minor tail protein M Phage_min_tail (pfam05939) Gifsy-1 prophage VmtM (M. haemolytica)   
11 L 156/17.6/5 Minor tail protein L Phage_tail_L superfamily (cl01908) Phage-related minor tail protein L (M. haemolytica)   1152AP2
12 L 238/26.5/6−6.3 Minor tail protein L Phage_tail_L superfamily (cl01908) Phage minor tail protein L (M. haemolytica)   
13 K 243/28.5/5.3 Minor tail protein K MPN_NLPC_P60 (cd08073) Bacteriophage tail protein (M. haemolytica)   
14 I 196−209/20.9−22.1/9.6−9.9 Tail assembly protein I Lambda_tail_I superfamily (cl01945); TM(2) Bacteriophage tail protein and tail assembly protein I (M. haemolytica) 15−19  
15 J 1954−2352/213.3−255/6.3−8 Host specificity protein J Phage-tail_3 (pfam13550); TM(2) Host specificity protein J (M. haemolytica)   
16 int 329−351/37.9−40.8/9.7−9.9 Integrase Phage_integrase (pfam00589); Phage_integ_N superfamily (cl07565); DNA_BRE_C superfamily (cl00213) Integrase/recombinase (M. haemolytica) 17−24  
17 MTase 163/19.2/8.3 Methyltransferease Methyltransf_25 (pfam13649) Putative bacteriophage methyltransferase (M. haemolytica)   3927AP1, 1152AP2, 587AP2
18 127/14.6/5.6 Hypothetical protein flap endonuclease-1-like (cl14815) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 587AP2
19 ant 218−233/26−26.9/7.1−7.7 Antirepressor protein Ant P22_AR_N (pfam10547); P22_AR_C superfamily (cl11179); AntA superfamily (cl01430) Antirepressor protein Ant (M. haemolytica, Avibacterium paragallinarum for 587AP2) 19−21 535AP2
20 71/8/9.9 Hypothetical protein PRK11675 superfamily (cl08198) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 587AP2
21 76/8.8/4.5 Hypothetical protein KilA-N (pfam04383) KilA-N domain-containing protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 587AP2
22 HNH 168/19.4/9.6 HNH homing endonuclease HNH_3 (pfam13392) Putative HNH endonuclease (Lactococcus)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
23 MTase 198/21.3/8.3 Cytosine-specific DNA methyltransferease Cyt_C5_DNA_methylase superfamily (cl18939) Cytosine-specific methyltransferase (Haemophilus parasuis)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
24 PK 150/17.1−17.3/4.8−5 Pyruvate kinase   Hypothetical protein and pyruvate kinase (M. haemolytica)   
25 exo 211−225/23.5−25.9/ 4.8−5.9 Exonuclease YqaJ (pfam09588) Bacteriophage exonuclease (M. haemolytica)   
26 bet 264−307/29.2−35.3/5.2−5.3 Recombinase RecT (pfam03837); bet_lambda (TIGR01913) Bet protein (M. haemolytica)   
27 154/17.9/6.5 Hypothetical protein NTP-PPase_u3 (cl16941) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   
28 higB 91/10.8/6.9 HigB HigB (COG3549) Plasmid maintenance system killer (M. haemolytica)   587AP2
29 higA 101/11.4/8.1 HigA Antidote_HigA (TIGR02607) Plasmid maintenance system antidote protein (M. haemolytica)   587AP2
30 TRase 346/39.6/8.8 Transposase HTH_28 (pfam13518) Transposase (M. haemolytica)   587AP2
31 xhlA 161/18.5/5.5−5.8 Hypothetical protein XhlA (pfam10779); TM (1) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   
32 cI 219−228/24.8−26.3/4.9−5.5 CI repressor S24_LexA-like (cd06529) LexA family repressor/S24 family protease (M. haemolytica); bacteriophage transcriptional regulator (Haemophilus parasuis, for 587AP2) 20−24  
33 cro 68−90/7.5−10.1/6.1−9.1 Cro repressor HTH_XRE (cd00093) XRE family transcriptional regulator (M. haemolytica) 14−28  
34 cII 86/9.8/8 CII protein   Bacteriophage CII protein (M. haemolytica) 23 587AP2
35 80/9/9.6 Hypothetical protein HTH_39 (pfam14090) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
36 O 276−289/31.8−33.3/8.9−9.1 Replication protein O Phage_rep_O (pfam04492) Bacteriophage replication protein (M. haemolytica) 18−21 587AP2
37 P 215/24.9/9.2 Replication protein P Phage_lambda_P superfamily (cl06169) Putative bacteriophage replication protein (M. haemolytica) 13 535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
38 hel 453/50.9/5.7 Helicase DnaB (TIGR00665) Replicative DNA helicase (M. haemolytica)   587AP2
39 MTase 178/20.7/8.8 Methyltransferase MT-A70 (pfam05063) Hypothetical protein and modification methylase MunIM (M. haemolytica)   587AP2
40 MTase 190/21.6/5 DNA N-6-adenine-methyltransferas Dam superfamily (cl05442) DNA N-6-adenine methyltransferase (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
41 150−168/17.7−19.9/6.1−8.6 Hypothetical protein DUF1367 superfamily (cl06231) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   
42 ninG 189/22.3/9.7 NinG protein NinG (pfam05766) Protein NinG (M. haemolytica) 43 587AP2
43 94/10.6/9 Hypothetical protein DUF1364 (pfam07102) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
44 RusA 122/13.9/9.4 Endodeoxyribonuclease RusA RusA (pfam05866) Endodeoxyribonuclease RusA (Haemophilus influenzae)   535AP2, 3927AP1, 1152AP2
45 Q 121−157/14.3−18.6/9.2−9.5 Antitermination protein Q Phage_antitermQ (pfam06530) Phage anti termination protein Q (M. haemolytica) 18−22  
46 S 81−117/9.5−12.8/9−9.3 Holin Phage_holin_3 superfamily;TM (1–3) Hemophilus-specific protein (M. haemolytica) 11−17  
47 R 189−197/21.2−22.3/9.1−9.5 Endolysin endolysin_autolysin (cd00737); lysozyme_like superfamily (cl00222); TM (1) Lysozyme (M. haemolytica) 21−55  
48 Rz 116/13.2/7.8−8.6 Lytic protein Rz DUF2570 (pfam10828); TM (1) Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica) 34−36  
49 Rz1 57−74/6.6−8.4/5−8 Lytic protein Rz1   Hypothetical protein (M. haemolytica) 30−44  
  1. aTM: transmembrane α-helice; only 1152AP2 contains domain of Tape_meas_nterm superfamily (cl15680) and 587AP2 contains Phage_holin_3 superfamily; only protein J from 1152AP2 contains 2 TM
  2. bIdentity of amino acids sequence was calculated by ALIGN [66]