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Fig. 3

From: Available nitrogen is the key factor influencing soil microbial functional gene diversity in tropical rainforest

Fig. 3

The normalized signal intensity of the detected key genes involved in nitrogen cycling. The signal intensity for each functional gene category is the average of the total signal intensity from all the replicates (n = 8). (a). Ammonification, including gdh for glutamate dehydrogenase and ureC encoding urease; (b). Assimilatory N reduction, including nasA encoding nitrate reductase, narB, nirA and nirB encoding dissimilatory nitrite reductase; (c). Denitrification, including narG for nitrate reductase, nirS and nirK for nitrite reductase, norB for nitric oxide reductase, and nosZ for nitrate reductase; (d). Dissimilatory N reduction, including napA for nitrate reductase, and nrfA for c-type cytochrome nitrite reductase; (e). Nitrification, including amoA encoding ammonia monooxygenase, hao for hydroxylamine oxidoreductase; (f). N fixation, including nifH encoding nitrogenase. All data are presented as mean ± SE (error bars). Different letters indicated statistical differences at a P value of < 0.05 among sampling sites by one-way ANOVA

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