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Table 2 Alleles of splA, corresponding probes, GenBank entries and typing data

From: DNA-Microarray-based Genotyping of Clostridium difficile

slpA allele Reference sequence Other GenBank entries Hybridization pattern Associated ribotypes Associated clades Associated sequence types Associated hybridization profiles
slpA 1446 DQ117219.1   probe-1186 + probe-1201 RT-039 I   HP-22
slpA 23m63 ABKL02000030.1 AB489091.1 (partial), AB236726.1, AB621540.1, AB629936.1, AB675076.1, AF458883.1, AF458884.1, AF458885.1, AHJJ01000092.1, GU230470.1, GU230471.1, DQ117238.1 (partial) probe-1169 + probe-1170 RT-009 I; V ST-03, ST11slv* HP-10, HP-11, HP-39
slpA 630 AM180355.1 ADEJ01000377.1, AF448123.1, AF448124.1, AJ291709.1, DQ060634.1, DQ060635.1, DQ060636.1, DQ060637.1 probe-1166 + probe-1198 RT-012, RT-137, RT-150 I ST-04, ST-54 HP-04, HP-24
slpA 6407 AB236728.2 ADEH01003569.1, GU230473.1 probe-1167 + probe-1168 RT-011, RT-049, RT-056, RT-071 I ST-58 HP-03, HP-28, HP-29
slpA 6503 ADEI01000069.1 - probe-1164 + probe-1197 - “VI” ST-127dlv HP-40
slpA 6503 trunc. - - probe-1164 RT-029, RT-081, RT-094 I ST-09 (HP-30)
slpA 79685 AF448371.1/AB236727.1 AB239685.1; AB239686.1; AB261625.1; DQ117228.1; DQ117239.1AF448372.1, AF448373.1, AY004256.1 (probe-1163) + probe-1188 RT-017, RT-029 I; IV - HP-16, HP-36
slpA ATCC43593 AF458879.1 AF448122.1, AF448121.1 probe-1176 + probe-1236 - - - -
slpA CF5 FN665652.1 AB236153.1, AB236154.1, AB236155.1, AB236156.1, AB236157.1, AB602320.1, AB704917.1, AB704920.1, AB704921.1, AB704922.1, AF448125.1, AF448126.1, AF448127.1, AGAA01000010.1, AGAB01000015.1, AJ300677.1, DQ060640.1, FN668375.1 probe-1234 + probe-1249 RT-017 IV ST-37, ST-86 HP-35
slpA DJNS05008 AB259786.1 - probe-1174 + probe-1182 - I - -
slpA DJNS0578 AB258983.1 - probe-1199 + probe-1200 RT-163 I - HP-05
slpA HR02 AB236725.1 - probe-1171 + probe-1237 - - - -
slpA J9952 AB232929.1 - probe-1175 + probe-1195 - - - -
slpA J9952 trunc. - - probe-1175 RT-013, RT-087 I - HP-19
slpA JND08037 AB465011.2 AB259787.1 probe-1173 + probe-1243 RT-046 I ST-35 HP-25
slpA JND08162 AB533281.1 AB258978.1, AB258979.1, AB258980.1 probe-1193 + probe-1202 RT-103 I - HP-12
s lpA JND08232 AB621541.1 - probe-1184 + probe-1211 - - - -
slpA JND09041 AB602321.1 - probe-1205 + probe-1206 RT-064 I - HP-17
slpA Kohn AF448119.1 - probe-1158 + probe-1183 RT-015 I - HP-14, HP-15
slpA MRY060211 AB256018.1 AB180242.1, AB181350.1, AB181351.1, AB453824.1, AB510162.1, GU230474.1, GU230475.1 probe-1178 + probe-1204 RT-005 I ST-17 HP-18
slpA OG45 AB231584.1 - probe-1208 - - - -
slpA R12884 DQ060630.1 AF458877.1, AF458878.1, AF478570.1, DQ060631.1, AB259785.1 (partial), AB518670.1 (partial), DQ060632.1 probe-1156 + probe-1203 RT-005, RT-023, RT-045, RT-054 I; III ST-08 HP-20, HP-33
slpA R12884 trunc. - - probe-1156 RT-054 I; III - HP-07, HP-34
slpA R12885 DQ060638.1 AB231583.2, AB257281.1, AB257282.1, AB534595.1, AB534596.1, AB534597.1, AB704918.1, AB704919.1, AF448365.1, AF448366.1, AF448367.1, AGAC01000036.1, DQ060639.1, DQ117221.1, DQ117224.1, FM160740.1, GU230469.1 probe-1209 + probe-1210 RT-014, RT-049 I ST-42 HP-13
slpA R13540 DQ060643.1 AB470267.1, ADDE01000013.1, ADNX01000091.1, ADVM01000007.1, AF448120.1, FN665653.1 probe-1177+ probe-1233 RT-078 V ST-11 slv HP-37, HP-38
slpA R13541 DQ060628.1 DQ060629.1 AB240196.1; AB257283.1; AB257284.1 (probe-1155) + probe-1191 RT-002, RT-159 I ST-08 HP-09
slpA R13700 DQ060633.1 AF458880.1, AF458881.1, AF458882.1, AF478571.1 probe-1154 + probe-1192 RT-010 I   HP-27
slpA R13711 DQ060641.1 AB258981.1, AB258982.1, AB518669.1, AF448368.1, AF448369.1, AF448370.1, DQ060642.1 probe-1232 + probe-1239 RT-012, RT-031, RT-057, RT-070, RT-094 I ST-54, ST-55 HP-08, HP-21, HP-22, HP-23
slpA BI9 DQ060627.1/ FN668944.1 AB249984.1, AB249985.1, AB257287.1, AB302932.1, ABHD02000026.1, ABKJ02000019.1, AF448128.1, AF448129.1, AJ300676.1, DQ060625.1, DQ060626.1, DQ117225.1, DQ117231.1, FN668944.1 probe-1151 + probe-1190 RT-001, RT-013, RT-015, RT-072, RT-087 I ST-03, ST-45, ST-46 HP-01, HP-02
slpA R20291 FM160739.1 ABKK02000030.1, AAML04000014.1, AB249986.1, AB257285.1, AB257286.1, AB269264.1, AB461839.1, AB461840.1, ABFD02000011.1, ABHE02000032.1, ABHF02000035.1, ABHG02000023.1, FN538970.1, FN545816.1, FN665654.1, FN668941.1 probe-1150 + probe-1153 RT-027 II ST-01 HP-31, HP-32
slpA Y5 AB538230.1 GU230472.1, AB269265.1 probe-1180 + probe-1196 - - - -
splA negative - - none RT-081 I - HP-06, (HP-30)