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Table 6 Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of isolates by different length of amplicons

From: Variability in gene cassette patterns of class 1 and 2 integrons associated with multi drug resistance patterns in Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates in Tehran-Iran

Strain Source Size of 5′CS-3′CS amplicons Intl gene Gene cassette array Integron putative locationa Resistance phenotype Accession number
Sm59 wound 1200 bp I blaoxa2 C CRO,LEV,TN,E,CD,LZD,RP,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,GM,CIP,AP,SXT KF356395
MMS1 wound 750 bp I aadB C CRO,E,CD,PG,A,S,ATHSPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,AK KF015994
s61 wound 750 bp I aadB C CRO,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,SXT KF030468
sm54 blood 1200 bp I blaoxa2 C CRO,LEV,TN,E,CD,LZD,RP,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,GM,CIP,AP,SXT KF305707
sa10 blood 800 bp I aacA4 C CRO,LEV,E,CD,LZD,RP,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,CIP,AP,TE,SXT KF305706
S232 blood 500 bp I putative glucose dehydrogenase-hypothetical protein C CRO,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,AP,TE KF411133
MMS2 abscess 750 bp I aadB C CRO,E,CD,PG,A,S,ATH,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,AK KF015995
s74 blood 1000 bp I aadA2 C CRO,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,SXT KF411134
s54 blood 2120 bp I orfD-aacA4-catBB P CRO,LEV,E,CD,LZD,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,AK KF411135
s5 wound 1100 bp I orfD-aacA4 C CRO,LEV,E,CD,LZD,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,AK KF411137
s22 wound 1000 bp I aadA2 C CRO,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,SXT,AK KF411138
s36 blood 1000 bp I aadA2 C CRO,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,SXT KF411139
sm91 blood 1420 bp I aadB-catB3 C CRO,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,APC,SXT KJ002505
sm105 wound 3100 bp I aadB-aadA1-cmlA6 P CRO,LEV,E,CD,LZD,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,SXT,AK KJ002506
sm22 wound 750 bp II hdfrA11 C CRO,LEV,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,A,S,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,SXT KF305708
sm97 blood 2500 bp II dhfrA1-sat2-aadA1 P CRO,LEV,TN,E,CD,PG,OXA,GAT,A,S,ATH,SPC,GM,CIP,AP,TE,C,SXT,AK KF305710
s92 blood 750 bp II hypothetical protein C CRO,E,CD,PG,OXA,AS,SPC,AP,TE KF411136
s105 wound 1230 bp II dhfrA1-sat2 C CRO,LEV,TN,E,CD,LZD,RP,PG,OXA,A,S,ATH,GM,AP,SXT KJ769139
  1. a c chromosomal location, P plasmid location, CRO ceftriaxone, LEV levofloxacin, E erythromycin, CD clindamycin, TN tobramycin, PG penicillin G, LZD linezolid, OXA oxacillin, A amoxicillin, S streptomycin, ATH azithromycine, SPC spectinomycin, GM gentamycin, CIP ciprofloxacin, AP ampicillin, TE tetracycline, C chloramphenicol, SXT trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, AK amikacin