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Table 3 Codon-based test of positive selection for analysis between inmp sequences of ‘Ca. P. phoenicium’ strains

From: Candidatus Phytoplasma phoenicium’ associated with almond witches’-broom disease: from draft genome to genetic diversity among strain populations

Model Proba Statb
Modified Nei-Gojobori Method (Proportion) 0.026 1.961
Modified Nei-Gojobori Method (Jukes-Cantor) 0.034 1.836
Pamilo-Bianchi-Li Method (Kimura 2-para) 0.015 2.191
Kumar Method (Kimura 2-para) 0.015 2.195
  1. a The probability of rejecting the null hypothesis of strict-neutrality (dN = dS) in favor of the alternative hypothesis (dN > dS). Values of P less than 0.05 are considered significant at the 5 % level
  2. b The test statistic (dN - dS) is shown. dS and dN are the numbers of synonymous and nonsynonymous substitutions per site, respectively. The variance of the difference was computed using the bootstrap method (1000 replicates)