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Fig. 8

From: Broad protection with an inactivated vaccine against primary-isolated lethal enterovirus 71 infection in newborn mice

Fig. 8

Broadly protection of maternal immunization with the inactivated EV-A71CC063 against lethal viruses challenge in neonatal mice. One-day-old ICR mice (n = 8 ~ 10 per litter) born to immunized mice were intracerebrally challenged with a CC063 (200LD50), b CC077 (100LD50), c CC080 (100LD50), or d FY0805 (100LD50) and had a 100 % survival rate during the test period of 21 days. The neonatal mice born to unimmunized mice (positive control) in the four groups all had a 100 % mortality rate and suffered increasing grades of clinical score

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