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Table 1 The organization of alternative splicing, overlapping gene clusters, polycistronic RNAs and alternative polyadenylation events in the PRV genome

From: Characterization of pseudorabies virus transcriptome by Illumina sequencing

Detected splice sites Alternative polyadenylation Convergently overlapping gene clusters Divergently overlapping genes Tandem gene clusters
Gene Donor site Acceptor site Gene Alternative polyadenylation signal Coordinate
UL15 D −76165 A −73285 UL35 AAUAAA 33133–33138 UL51 UL50 UL52 UL51 UL52-UL54
US1 D +115592 A +115713 UL44 AAUAAA 55768–55773 UL30 UL31, UL32 UL50 UL49.5 UL48-UL46
  D +115766 A +115921 UL22 N/Aa 63624 UL33, UL34, UL35 UL36 UL29 UL30 UL31-UL32
US1 D −129158 A −129037 UL19 AUAUAAA 71005–710011 UL44 UL26.5, UL26, UL25, UL24 UL32 UL33 UL33-UL35
  D −128984 A −128829 UL28 N/Aa 18960 UL8, UL9 UL6, UL7 UL37 UL38 UL39-UL40
EP0 D −97480 A −97389 UL5 AAUAAA 92065–92070    UL41 UL42 UL24-UL26.5
  D −97528   CTO N/Aa 63538    UL24 UL23 UL17-UL16
         UL21 UL20 UL14-UL11
         UL15 UL14 UL9-UL8
         UL10 UL9 UL7-UL6
         UL6 UL5 UL1-UL3.5
  1. aNo prediction available for canonical or non-canonical polyA signal using PolyApred server