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Fig. 4

From: Identification of the minimal cytolytic unit for streptolysin S and an expansion of the toxin family

Fig. 4

Gene cluster organization and precursor peptide sequences of SLS and Bor TOMM, and phylogenetic analysis of the TOMM family. a Lettering corresponds to the SLS operon “sag” genes. The proposed function of each gene is color-coded according to the legend. b BorA refers collectively to BafzA from B. afzelii PKo, BvalA from B. valaisiana VS116, and BspiA from B. spielmanii A14S. Potentially modified residues are shown in blue. The predicted leader cleavage sites are indicated with a caret. The minimal core region required for hemolytic activity of SLS in S. pyogenes ΔsagA (SagA24–34) is underlined. c A maximum-likelihood tree of a representative sample of TOMMs based on the D protein from each cluster. This phylogenetic data is deposited in the Dryad Digital Repository, doi:10.5061/dryad.d4863. Clades are color-coded based on the predicted class of TOMM natural product. NHLP, nitrile hydratase leader peptide; NHLP-Burk, NHLP from Burkholderia; PZN, plantazolicin; Balh, uncharacterized TOMM from Bacillus sp. Al Hakam; McB, microcin B from Gammaproteobacteria; SLS, streptolysin S; Bor TOMM, putative SLS-like cytolysin from Bbsl

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