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Fig. 3

From: Characterization and identification of the xylanolytic enzymes from Aspergillus fumigatus Z5

Fig. 3

2-DE analysis between xylan-induced crude enzyme and the control induced by sucrose. (a) SDS-PAGE of crude enzyme. a-M, protein molecular weight markers; a-lane 1, blank sample, a-lane 2, crude enzyme stained with silver. (b) 80 μg of crude enzyme was loaded onto a pH 3–10 IPG strip (13 cm, linear). SDS-PAGE was performed using a 10 % gel. (c) Another 2-DE was performed with a pH 4–7 IPG strip (13 cm, linear) to separate the proteins with acidic isoelectric points, as shown by the region in the rectangle in b. A total of 27 identified protein spots were marked out with black arrows (d) The control (glucose-induced crude enzyme) was separated by a pH 3–10 IPG strip (13 cm, non-linear) (e) the control was separated by a pH 4–7 IPG strip (13 cm, non-linear)

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