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Table 2 PCR fragment sizes with defined primer combinations as calculated based on the chromosomal insertion*

From: Molecular epidemiology and characterization of an outbreak causing Klebsiella pneumoniae clone carrying chromosomally located bla CTX-M-15 at a German University-Hospital

Forward Primer Reverse Primer Resulting PCR-Fragment length in base pairs (bp)
ALA2b ALA3b 88
ALA2b P2Bc 290
ALA2b P2Dc 941
ALA2b MP4b-F 1516
MP-3 F DOW2.55 1156
MP-3 F DOW2.5 1718
MP-3 F ALA3b 2078
MP-3 F P2Bc 2280
MP-3 F P2Dc 2931
MP-3 F MP4b-F 3506
P1Ac P2Dc 410
P1Ac MP4b-F 985
MF-2 F MF-2R 3435
  1. *When the insertion is not present at the examined locus, no specific PCR fragments should be able to be generated, except for the last primer pair, which should then give a PCR product of 459 base pairs (bp)