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Table 3 Non-synonymous mutations within coding regions of adapted strains

From: Importance of sigma factor mutations in increased triclosan resistance in Salmonella Typhimurium

Protein T4/74A T4/74B T4/74C TDTU3A TDTU3B TDTU3C
STM474_0600 Putative regulatory protein   Q19*     
Ndh NADH dehydrogenase   G66V G66V    
SelD Selenophosphate synthetase D327V      
STM474_1682 Invasion-like protein F131fs      
FabI enoyl-(acyl-carrier protein) reductase G93S G93S G93S G93S G93S G93V
RfbV Abequosyl transferase K177fs      
RcsB Transcriptional regulator V149fs      
RpoD RNA polymerase sigma factor    T119I    
STM474_2675 Putative phosphotransferase system IIB component A83V      
Fis DNA binding protein A78D      
STM474_0304 Putative RHS-like protein     F25V F25V  
NadE NAD synthetase     L214S L214S  
RpoS RNA polymerase sigma factor       R100H
SspA Stringent starvation protein A     E153* E153*  
TrpS Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase     T78I T78I  
  1. *: stop codon, fs: frame shift-leading to stop codon