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Fig. 1

From: Regulation of the pstSCAB operon in Corynebacterium glutamicum by the regulator of acetate metabolism RamB

Fig. 1

Overview of the pstS promoter region and the fragments used in this study. Several DNA fragments were used to analyze RamB binding to the pstS promoter in the gel mobility shift assays and the reporter gene assay. The PhoR binding site (open box), GlxR binding site (black box) and two putative RamB binding sites (black arrows) are indicated in the sequence and diagrams. The stop codon of cg2487 (TAA with bold italic), the transcriptional start site of pstS (C in a black box), and the pstS start codon (GTG in bold) are indicated in the sequence. The number in the diagram indicates the respective position of nucleotide from the transcription start site (+1) of pstS and the coverage of each fragment is indicated. A mutation introduced into a RamB binding site is indicated as circled M in the diagram

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