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Table 1 Gene ontology terms for EF-1α associated transcripts

From: Eukaryotic translation elongation factor-1 alpha is associated with a specific subset of mRNAs in Trypanosoma cruzi

Gene ontology Count Enrichment score p-value Benjamini
Nucleotide binding 8 0.83 1.00E-01 9.80E-01
Kinase 5 0.83 1.50E-01 9.70E-01
ATP binding 6 0.56 1.90E-01 9.80E-01
Transition metal ion binding 3 0.1 7.20E-01 9.90E-01
Stressed epimastigote
Generation of precursor metabolites and energy 7 2.84 4.30E-02 3.00E-04
Monosaccharide metabolic process 6 2.84 4.50E-02 2.50E-03
Glutamine family amino acid metabolic process 4 1.59 5.20E-02 1.10E-03
Proteolysis 7 1.07 9.70E-01 3.10E-01