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Fig. 6

From: Extensive characterization of Campylobacter jejuni chicken isolates to uncover genes involved in the ability to compete for gut colonization

Fig. 6

Strain CGF clustering, phenotype, and ranking. CGF data were used to cluster strains. For each strain, an overview of its phenotype is shown. For each property (adhesion, invasion, chemotaxis, and autoagglutination), the higher the bar is, the higher the property was. For each strain, its rank in each phenotypic assay is shown. For each assay, the strain with the lowest property was assigned a rank of 1 and the highest a rank of 45. Mean rank is the mean of all four property rank values. The darker the rank value background is, the higher the value. Strain identification begins with a letter (example H2008b) representing the lot origin, followed by the year (example H2008b) of sampling and ends with an identification letter (example H2008b) to differentiate between strains isolated from the same lot. Strains sharing the same octagon number were the strains co-inoculated to each corresponding chicken group in the chicken colonization competition assay

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