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Figure 1

From: Cloning, expression, and characterization of a Coxiella burnetii Cu/Zn Superoxide dismutase

Figure 1

SOD activity gels. C. burnetii SodC activity was assayed in crude cell extracts of E. coli AS454 carrying C. burnetii sodC (pREB102) loaded on 12% native-PAGE gels and stained for SodC activity without and in presence of the Cu/ZnSOD inhibitor H2O2. Lanes: 1: E. coli MnSOD (9 μg) Sigma-Aldrich and FeSOD (2.5 μg) Sigma-Aldrich, 2: 30 μg of E. coli AS454/pREB102 lysate, 3: 30 μg E. coli AS454/pREB102 lysate after 4 h induction with 2% arabinose. - H2O2 and + H2O2 gels are identical; however, prior to being stained for SOD activity, the + H2O2 gel was soaked in 5 mM H2O2 for 1 hr.

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