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Table 1 SZ inhibits the CE synthesis in HHV8-infected and control cells

From: Neutral lipid alterations in Human Herpesvirus 8-infected HUVEC cells and their possible involvement in neo-angiogenesis

untreated 100.00 ± 19.51 100.00 ± 12.39 100.00 ± 13.65
SZ *13.16 ± 8.90 *15.19 ± 7.22 *8.42 ± 3.77
  1. Control and HHV8-infected HUVEC and BC3 cells (1.0x106) were treated with Sandoz 58035 (SZ, 4 μM) for 24 h. Before the last 4 h, [14C]-oleate bound to BSA was added to the medium and cells were incubated for the remaining time. Subsequently, cells were washed with ice-cold PBS and lipids extracted with acetone. Neutral lipids were separated by thin layer chromatography (TLC), and the incorporation of [14C]-oleate into CEs was determined as described in Methods. Data were reported as percentage of DPM/106 cells mean ± SE. Significance was set up when p < 0.05 (*) vs. respective control (t-test).