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Table 1 Bacillus subtilis strains used in this study

From: An alternate route to phosphorylating DegU of Bacillus subtilis using acetyl phosphate

Strain Relevant genotype a Source b
NCIB3610 Bacillus subtilis Prototroph B.G.S.C.
168 Bacillus subtilis trpC2 B.G.S.C.
JH642 Bacillus subtilis trpC2 pheA1 [50]
TMP147 168 ackA::mls [48]
DS1677 3610 Δhag D. Kearns
QB136 leuB8 trpC2 degU32-hy [30] B.G.S.C
QB4144 168 degU146 [12]
NRS1136 JH642 degS::pDH64 (cml) [18]
NRS1183 JH642 ΔdegSU::spc [21]
NRS1287 JH642 amyE::P hyspank -degU-32-hy-lacI (spc) [18]
NRS1314 3610 degU::pBL204 (cml) [18]
NRS1325 3610 degU::pBL204 (cml) amyE::P hy-spank -degU32-hy-lacI (spc) [18]
NRS1326 3610 degU::pBL204 (cml) amyE::P hy-spank -degU-lacI (spc) [18]
NRS1327 3610 degU::pBL204 (cml) amyE::P hy-spank -degU146-lacI (spc) [18]
NRS1358 3610 degS::pDH64 (cml) [18]
NRS1433 JH642 pgsB::pBL141 (spc) [21]
NRS1499 3610 ΔdegSU::spc SPP1 NRS1183 → NCIB3610
NRS4419 3610 ΔdegSU::spc amyE::P hy-spank -degU32-hy-lacI (spc) SPP1 NRS1287 → NRS1499
NRS4756 168 amyE::P spac -degU32hy-degU146-lacI (cml) pNW1057 → 168
NRS4761 3610 ΔdegSU::spc amyE::P spac -degU32-hy-degU146-lacI (cml) SPP1 NRS4756 → NRS1499
NRS4762 3610 degU::mls amyE::P spac - degU32-hy-degU146-lacI (cml) SPP1 NRS4756 → DS1993
NRS4770 3610 ackA::mls SPP1 TMP147 → NCIB3610
NRS4771 3610 ackA::mls degS::pDH64 (cml) SPP1 TMP147 → NRS1358
NRS4819 3610 degS::cml ackA::mls pgsB::spc SPP1 NRS1443 → NRS4771
  1. aDrug resistance cassettes are indicated as follows: mls, lincomycin/erythromycin resistance; cml, chloramphenicol resistance and spc, spectinomycin resistance. All JH642 strains also carry trpC2 and pheA1 mutations. Note that the degU32-hy allele encodes DegU H12L and the degU146 allele encodes DegU D56N.
  2. bThe direction of strain construction is indicated with DNA or phage (SPP1) (→) recipient strain.
  3. B.S.G.C. is the Bacillus genetic stock centre.