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Table 2 Inhibition of B. thailandensis motility by cell-free supernatant of B. pseudomallei from three independent soil samples

From: Competition between Burkholderia pseudomallei and B. thailandensis

Soil sample a Bp isolates Sequence type No. of colonies b Inhibition c
E4 A1 ST424 38 (19%) -
  A2 ST177 12 (6%) +
  A3 ST176 10 (5%) +
  A4 ST185 140 (70%) +
D10 B1 ST33 50 (25%) +
  B2 ST60 18 (9%) +
  B3 ST163 103 (51.5%) +
  B4 ST176 29 (14.5%) +
A11 C1 ST93 174 (87%) +
  C2 ST304 17 (8.5%) -
  C4 ST60 9 (4.5%) +
  1. a, soil sample and culture data was obtained from our previous study [4]. The study reported the distribution of B. pseudomallei within an area of disused land in northeast Thailand and genotypes of primary plate colonies isolated from three independent sampling points (E4, D10 and A11).
  2. b, Out of a total of 200 colonies per sample.
  3. c, Inhibition effect of B. pseudomallei cell-free supernatant on five B. thailandensis isolates. The inhibition of B. thailandensis swarming was performed by the method (ii) assay. The table shows results of five B. thailandensis isolates which had the same results.