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Figure 5

From: Structure and function of a short LOV protein from the marine phototrophic bacterium Dinoroseobacter shibae

Figure 5

Characterization of a DsLOV-deficient D . shibae mutant strain. (A) Influence of different light regimes on pigment composition of D. shibae wild-type (WT) and the DsLOV-deficient mutant strain (Δdslov). Strains were grown in the dark, under white-, infrared-, and blue-light conditions until the cells reached the late logarithmic growth phase. After harvesting 1 ml of cell culture by centrifugation, cell pellets were photographed to document the individual pigmentation. (B) Spectroscopic determination of light-dependent photopigment composition in D. shibae wild-type and mutant Δdslov.

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