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Figure 3

From: Uniparental mitochondrial DNA inheritance is not affected in Ustilago maydis Δatg11 mutants blocked in mitophagy

Figure 3

PCR analysis to detect mitotypes in wt and Δatg11 spores (combination II). A. PCR with DNA from individual spores from each three tumour samples of the wt (FB1/pMB2-2 x GF5/pKS1) and the Δatg11 mutant strain combination (FB1Δatg11/pMB2-2 x GF5Δatg11/pKS1). Labels ‘a’ and ‘b’ above the lanes refer to the primer combinations to detect the W and F type intron, respectively (see Figure 1). DNA from the parental strains K1 (FB1/pMB2-2), K3 (GF5/pKS1), K2 (FB1Δatg11/pMB2-2), and K4 (GF5Δatg11/pKS1) were included as controls. Open triangles mark faint bands (hardly detectable for probe 1/1) of the non-dominating F type (or W type in case of K1, K2; see Methods). DNA samples that were included in the RFLP analysis are marked by open circles (see Additional file 4: Figure S3). DNA samples that were additionally used for qPCR are marked by filled circles (see Additional file 5: Figure S4). Representative images are shown. B. Examples of peak profiles generated by ImageJ of faint F type signals shown in (A) and their absence in lanes lacking a corresponding signal. C. Boxplot of the data (expressed in percentages) shown in Table 2 (F type column d). Shown are the min./max. range (dots), median (horizontal line in the box), and the mean value (cross). The box contains ca. 50% of all data values ranging in both directions from the median. Note the increased variance (width of the box) for the Δatg11 mutant.

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