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Figure 2

From: Uniparental mitochondrial DNA inheritance is not affected in Ustilago maydis Δatg11 mutants blocked in mitophagy

Figure 2

RFLP analysis to detect mitotypes in wt and Δatg11 spores (combination I). A. HindIII-digested DNA from individual spores from tumour sample wt#5 (MF34/pKS2 × FB2/pMB2-2) (lanes 1–8) and Δatg11#7 (MF34Δatg11/pKS2 × FB2Δatg11/pMB2-2) (lanes 9–10). B. Digested DNA from individual spores from tumour sample Δatg11#11 (MF34Δatg11/pKS2 × FB2Δatg11/pMB2-2) (lanes 1–10). A,B. Triangles mark minor bands indicative for the W and X1 type, respectively. The outer three lanes represent DNA from the corresponding parental strains (F and W type) and from strain BUB7 (X1 type). The 554-bp mt-specific probe directed against the left border of exon II of the LSU rRNA gene (see Figure 1) was used as described [13,16]. Representative images are shown.

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