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Table 1 Bacterial strains and characteristics [20,21]

From: Impact of the exopolysaccharide layer on biofilms, adhesion and resistance to stress in Lactobacillus johnsonii FI9785

Strain Relevant characteristics (colony phenotype) EPS level (%) a EPS type b
L. johnsonii FI9785 wild type strain (rough) 100 EPS-1, EPS-2
L. johnsonii FI10386 epsC D88N; one bp change in epsC gene (smooth) 116 EPS-1, EPS-2
L. johnsonii FI10844 ΔepsE; epsE gene deleted (rough) 77 EPS-1
L. johnsonii FI10773 epsC D88N ::pepsC; epsC D88N expressing wild type epsC (rough) 130 EPS-1, EPS-2
L. johnsonii FI10878 ΔepsE::pepsE; ΔepsE expressing epsE (rough) 111 EPS-1, EPS-2
L. johnsonii FI10879 ΔepsE::pepsEA/S; ΔepsE expressing antisense epsE (rough) 77 EPS-1
  1. aEPS quantification and analysis was performed previously by gas chromatography on total EPS isolated from bacteria grown in MRS supplemented with 2% glucose to give the μg EPS/109 cells [20].
  2. bthe presence of EPS1 and/or EPS2 was determined previously by NMR [21].