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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Modulation of bacterial outer membrane vesicle production by envelope structure and content

Strains Genotype Source/reference
BW25113 rrnB3 ΔlacZ4787 hsdR514 Δ(araBAD)567Δ(rhaBAD)568 rph-1 WT of Keio collection (Baba et al. 2006 [53])
Keio collection single mutants BW25113 with indicated single mutations: ΔnlpA::Kan, ΔdegP::Kan, ΔrfaC::Kan, ΔrfaG::Kan, ΔrfaP::Kan (Baba et al. 2006 [53])
MK1277 BW25113 ΔycfS, ΔybiS, ΔerfK::Kan (Schwechheimer et al. 2013 [4])
MK1334 BW25113 ΔampG, ΔamiD::Kan This Work
MK1335 BW25113 ΔampG, ΔnlpA, ΔamiD::Kan This Work
MK1336 BW25113 ΔpbpG, ΔdacB, ΔmepA::Kan This Work
MK1337 BW25113 ΔynhG, ΔycbB::Kan This Work
MK1352 BW25113 ΔycfS, ΔybiS, ΔerfK, ΔnlpA::Kan This Work
MK1353 BW25113 ΔnlpA, ΔompA::Kan This Work